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Why you should definitely become a waiter - or maybe not?

What reasons are there to become a waiter these days? After so many years I couldn't come up with the answer - I asked Google.

There you will find an answer to everything. Then I found the almost funny answers in the article “Why you should definitely be a waiter - Gronda August 6, 2015”. and "The Most Dangerous Professions!" an article in the Welt (German News).

What was new to me, however, was that waiters fall into the top 50 most dangerous professions. Cooks seem to live just as dangerously.

“What is surprising, however, is that waiters also live in great danger. Insurance companies consider this profession to be just as dangerous. For the director of the Cologne “Maritim” hotel, Hartmut Korthäuer, this is understandable: “Waiters run through the beer garden and stumble - that can happen all the time. Or they polish glasses and cut themselves sharply if the glass breaks. Waiters handle sharp knives when they carve meat, or light a big flame when the guest orders flambéed crepe.

Dangerous for life so be careful when choosing a career! If you think now, I'd rather be a cook - attention!

“In the past three years, more than 3,000 chefs across Germany have retired, and not because they had reached retirement age, but because they could no longer work. 32 percent of the cooks in Germany do not get their old age pension, but receive a disability pension beforehand.

(”The ranking of the 50 most dangerous professions by Maria Braun Welt May 5, 2011”)

But here are the insanely convincing 10 points why you should become a waiter despite all the dangers.

According to the article "Why you should definitely become a waiter - Gronda August 6, 2015" .:

1. Cash on hand.

A big part of your income is tipping. You leave your work every day with a little bit of cash on hand. This can be extremely refreshing and motivating.

(Note: Yes, if you're lucky and the guest is generous, your boss doesn't ask for half of it or, as in many companies, most of the money stays in the company and never reaches you. From a certain amount on you will also receive a letter from the tax office that would also like to have a bit.)

2. Always active.

Being a waiter means running around, carrying this and that around, serving plates, bringing drinks etc. Since you are always on the move, you keep yourself fit and don't have to sit in a chair for hours and look at a screen. You are always on the move.

(Note: Yes, and you often have back pain and flat feet and if you don't feel so good, that's no reason for most bosses to be in a bad mood and run slow)

3. You are among people.

To be among people means to hear exciting stories, laugh and meet interesting people. You will experience crazy and incredible stories. Let's be honest, when you're around people, something always happens. If you're a social, friendly, and accommodating person, this is a great opportunity. The friendlier, the more tips

(Note: Yes, but there are also the others who start with a capital "A" and they don't seem to be a small group in terms of numbers)

4. You have the ability to control your income - at least a little.

Since part of your income consists of tips and sometimes bonus, you have the opportunity to improve your income through good work and great service. The better your work, the higher your tips and sales bonuses. So, if you manage to get into the hearts of the guests and give them what they need …!

(Note: Yes - but your boss has usually already lowered your salary from the start (since you get tips and sales bonuses) so that you will really need both now!)

5. You have the option to be replaced.

Most companies allow their waiters to swap shifts as long as they have similar experience and quality. You can use this option to get days off when you have plans with the family. Other jobs require to have to plan a vacation day, whereas as a waiter you have the opportunity to call your colleague and change shifts.

(Note: Yes, but since you often cannot get a day off up because there is too much going on and unpaid overtime is expected, it usually doesn't pay off in the end)

6. You don't have to bring work home with you.

When the shift is over, you don't have to take your work home with you. There are no deadlines that you have to meet and problems from the previous day don't bleed into the next day. When a day is over, it's over. Tomorrow is a new day and a new way to be better.

(Note: Really a huge advantage, I have to admit. But hopefully the garbage man and the steel worker won't take their work home with them either)

7. Once you've worked as a waiter anywhere, you can work as a waiter everywhere.

Restaurants and hotels are always hiring. It might be not the best place, but if you have to move or get fired from another job, you can still work as a waiter. No matter where! You can work in hotels, on cruise ships, fast food restaurants, normal restaurants, coffee shops etc. Your options are unlimited. As long as there are restaurants, there must also be waiters.

(Note: Yes, that's right! With the thin staff cover, we also take everyone who has been fired from another profession)

8. Extra money for Sundays and public holidays.

On days like Easter or Christmas, you make heaps of extra money. These times of the year not only bring you holiday surcharges, but also more guests, bigger parties, and more tips. So there are times of the year when you make more money than usual. See it as a bonus!

(Note: Yes, we love to work on holidays. If you then divide the tip by the unpaid overtime, you better go out crying so as not to hurt your boss - and what are holiday surcharges?)

9. Your colleagues.

Often it is your colleagues who make the job as a waiter so unique and exciting. Colleagues who have the same work ethic as you will always be loyal to you and you will have a strong bond with one another. If you are lucky, your co-workers will help you when you need them. E.g., if you have to go to the toilet , your colleagues will take care of your guests. Your colleagues will always have your back.

(Note: Yes, if you're lucky, you can pee while you're working)

10. Party with your colleagues.

If you work in a good team, there is a good chance that you will spend a lot of your free time with these people. Often such teams go out together after work, do sports together, paintball, movies, house parties, BBQs etc. If you work in a good team they will be like your second family where no one is left behind.

(Note: Yes you need that too, because you will rarely see your real family anymore - even on holidays)

To clarify, I have to say that I love the job of the waiter and would have liked to continue doing it if it would have been worth it. So just accept the comments with a sense of humor, my colleagues will have understood me correctly.

Author: Stephan Busch, for many years Academic Director at the State University for the Humanities Moscow RGGU, Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality and the Swiss International University earned his Master Certificate in Hospitality Management from Cornell University, USA. He has a diverse experience in launching operations, business development and service training- for hotel and cruise companies in Asia, Europe, Canada and Russia.,

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