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Tigers in a cage! A mental challenge for Hospitality Staff

Most people working in Hospitality are also people who love sports and all sorts of movement. Not only the younger ones. Hospitality means hard work - a lot of daily exercise, running and Movements of all kinds. A day off or - even only time off - has always been used by many in hospitality for sportive activities to top it up. We maintain our bodies , our souls, our spirits! We stay mentaly healthy that way too!

The hour Squash in the afternoon, the football games and any other kind of sports belong to our live. And now we can not go to work anymore! No more daily running! But instead of being allowed to compensate by more sports - especially team sports - we are completly logged in. Tigers in a cage!

Lucky we get great advise from Politicians. Helge Braun Minister in the German Chancellors office amused people when he suggested people should more often ride a bycicle - while pressing his overweight body out of the Government Limosine! What a great exercise for him!

Physically and mentaly it is an absolute hard time for hospitality workers who have to live with this restrictions plus the uncertainty if they will ever have a job or income in hospitality again. And what about Millions of children suvering the same problem? No social contacts , no movement, no fun, no team sports. Hospitality is paying a heavy price - paid by the small people and small businesses.

In a BBC Article owners and managers spoke about their concerns.

“When your purpose is gone, your daily rituals are totally disrupted, plus you’re under financial pressure, and feeling the shame of needing a food bank—that gets really difficult.” And if you’re already struggling with depression, and you’re breaking these patterns, getting disconnected from your social network? White men of a certain age are the highest demographic for suicide in America, and that’s the same demographic as a lot of bartenders. I’m really worried for these people.”

The SARS global outbreak in 2003 was associated with a 30% increase in suicides in people over the age of 65.

BBC News 29.10.2020


Of course politicians can not understand hospitality workers that like to work out. Two words with “work” is most likely too much to comprehend for them who move their bud from one warm chair to the next, have their cantine open while all restaurants are closed, get their full salary and never had to work themselves.

Meanwhile young people whos spa are closed exchange basement addresses of people who share their work out equipment in basement with others. Very healthy. Instead of a spa with hygenic measures and distances they move to basements without air circulation.

The secondary problems - the measures introduced - might claim more victims than the virus.

I’m worried we’re going to lose more people from all the secondary stuff,” says Maggie Campbell, vice president and distiller for Privateer Rum in Massachusetts

BBC News 29.10.2020


Other effects are observed by first responders shown in a recent example

from the Berlin Fire Department

“The Berlin fire brigade has recorded an extreme increase in operations in the current year under the heading of “almost strangling / hanging”. In 2018 there were seven deployments under the internal deployment

code 25D03, in 2019 there were three deployments according to the Senate Administration. By October 2020, there were already 294 missions under this Code Senate Department for Home Affairs and Sport in response to a request from Independent Member of Parliment Marcel Luthe.

In other countries, comparable developments are explained directly with the corona pandemic and the associated circumstances. For example, the “Tagesschau” (German News) said in an article about the pandemic in the USA: “US scientists warn that in the next few years up to 75,000 Americans will be killed either from alcohol or drug abuse or from suicide.”

"Existenzängste führen zu Suizid"

Tageschau: 18.05.2020

Author: Stephan Busch, Academic Director at the State University for the Humanities Moscow RGGU, Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality and the Swiss International University earned his Master Certificate in Hospitality Management from Cornell University, USA. He has a diverse experience in launching operations, business development and service training- for hotel and cruise companies in Asia, Europe, Canada and Russia.

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