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The Best Hotels, Resorts, Cruise lines 2020?

2020 was for sure an interesting year but not really the busiest for hospitality. Hotels had to be empty, resorts closed, airlines didn’t fly, Cruise ship are on anchor.

Still magazines and online platforms voted and celebrated the best of all of them also in 2020? How did they do that?

Well one of the claimed that the vote was finished before March 2020. That one we let count even tough its a little strange to finish a vote for a whole year already after 3 month?. Others did not explain anything which might be better. Some let the guest vote which is not really the best as they can’t have voted their 2020 experience right?

It might be just proof that you don’t need guest to be the best?

At least people sitting in lockdown had time to think how to vote. Travel writers and editors had time to create something nice as people had time to read the results more than ever. Hotel Management and staff didn’t have the chance to make mistakes and loose some ratings.

There were some interesting prizes to give which I am still looking for:

Best flight & cruise into nowhere

Best hotel taking care of staff in crisis

Best hotel team juggling ever changing hygiene regulations

Most fancy room dividers - distance holders - floor markers

Best support & training initiatives

We should maybe not vote for the best take out as this was just an emergency life line to help many businesses to survive at all and produced more plastic garbage than ever before.

Now let's wait for best 2021. Hope the Magazine that closed votes in March will change their time table a bit.

Author: Stephan Busch, Academic Director at the State University for the Humanities Moscow RGGU, Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality and the Swiss International University earned his Master Certificate in Hospitality Management from Cornell University, USA. He has a diverse experience in launching operations, business development and service training- for hotel and cruise companies in Asia, Europe, Canada and Russia.,

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