• Stephan Busch

Service appreciated?

Right now we are going through a bit of a crisis. A bit I say not to play it down but some people take all the news so serious that they panic and hope that 100 rolls of toilet paper will solve the problem. Media and governments first played it down too much and then panicked. Others stay calm and believe the word of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (in March) that anyway 70% per cent of the population will get infected. So – why worry? Most properly you get it anyway – or not ( 30%). It's not up to you or me. Lets keep the meter distance between people – I wouldn’t mind for less or more – but if it makes the other person feel better its already an advance.

If a mask has to be - it has to be. All this hospitality customer approach where the most important thing was a smile we have to postpone for a while I am afraid.


If you think of service at this times all of us should realize that we take service just for granted. Something that is there – something we deserve – a part of our live. The nice waiter in our favorite bistro – the sales lady at the butcher who recognizes us – the nurse that calms us down when we are afraid of the injection to come.

Suddenly they are gone! The waiter who brought your coffee in your favorite bistro is gone and the bistro closed. Be honest – you miss it? The postman you like to talk to keeps 7 meter distance and you smell yourself afterwards as your are expecting the smell of decay. Its Zombie land.

The nurse in the hospital is still working, the care taker is still taking care, the doctor works as much overtime as they do and all of them and did before without us noticing.. We expect that. And we need it now!

The nurses and care takers don’t do that because we expect that or the government. They do that because they are humans who feel a social responsibility. Something big corporations are totally free of – like Mercedes, Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa or Carnival Cruises – they don’t care about humans – us – just profits. They work more hours a day than any of our politicians in a week.

Thanks Minister

Jens Spahn the German Health Minister said in a statement that all of us should remember to give a smile to your nurse! We all should but it’s not up to him to tell us. From the Minister of health it is a slap in the face of all this hard working nurses, doctors , care takers and helpers and all hospital workers. He is their boss now! He should double their salaries and make it tax free. Like his salary!

For decades they are paid badly and still take care of us! While politicians increase their salaries tremendously and totally out of hand. Why not double the salaries for all of this hard working people now – free them of taxes like MacDonalds , Starbucks, Mercedes, Aida, Carnival Cruises? That was easy . And make it a law to be kept this way also after the crisis? They deserve it! And we will need them in the future as much as we do now. This big cooperations? Be realistic! MacDonalds ,Starbucks, Boing? We do not need them! The Ministers? After I read my own article? We don’t need them either! They sold us out! We need the cook, the waitress and all other people who serve for a living.

We will be back – we will stay together.

Author: Stephan Busch, Academic Director at the State University for the Humanities Moscow RGGU, Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality and the Swiss International University earned his Master Certificate in Hospitality Management from Cornell University, USA. He has a diverse experience in launching operations, business development and service training- for hotel and cruise companies in Asia, Europe, Canada and Russia.

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