• Stephan Busch

Pay back time! Governments have to support local hospitality now & with big money!

Rescue plans are introduced – loans and cash prepared but the first and hardest hit industry – tourism is left in the cold.

Even a tax deduction from 19% VAT ( in Germany) for restaurants down to the normal 7%Vat which all take outs have to pay seems not to be even discussed. How can the small restaurant, the family hotel recover? If they survive at all with all revenues zero right now and a lock down still in place everywhere? Rents, loans, insurances have to be paid. Staff? Always under paid now - un employed!

Cruise industry – now also in trouble is much better of. TUI Cruises “Mein Schiff” pays an average of 0.05% tax as the registered in Malta. All infrastructure – roads to the ports, ports itself, Terminals are financed by the taxpayer.

Big companies have big lobbies

Of course the big companies have big lobby in all parlaments and polititians of all parties. Why they decide to let the big ones go almost un taxed and the small people have to pay more taxes and get less pensions and less benefits is a secret that might be never solved.

Author: Stephan Busch, Academic Director at the State University for the Humanities Moscow RGGU, Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality and the Swiss International University earned his Master Certificate in Hospitality Management from Cornell University, USA. He has a diverse experience in launching operations, business development and service training- for hotel and cruise companies in Asia, Europe, Canada and Russia.

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