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No more Masks on Norwegian Cruise Line?

As the ships worldwide get ready to sail again this might be good news as we need to come back to normal hospitality instead of a hospital atmosphere.

It will be difficult enough to find crew when the river and ocean cruise season starts but without guest it would be game over. All companies have safety and hygiene protocols in place that should help to avoid the fear of spreading a virus and will hopefully put an end to the pandemic.

This whole article is published by February 2022

“The new policy will apply only to sailings originating from U.S. embarkation ports on or after March 1, 2022. Cruises departing from European ports will still require guests to wear masks.

Ultimately, Norwegian Cruise Line wants each guest to be able to choose the precautions that make them most comfortable so they can enjoy their cruise vacation.

The decision to wear a mask covering when onboard is at the discretion of each guest,” the website states.” February 2022

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