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Germany fights for the Restaurant Industry

After a year of lockdown and 80,000 expected bankruptcies in hotels & restaurants, millions of unemployed, desperate mini-jobbers, unemployed entertainers, a dead event industry, it is surprisingly very quiet in Germany. All associations that should support the hotel and catering industry were always good at celebrating themselves, distributing honors among themselves, but now seem to be harmless. All industries have representatives and get support, the hotel and catering industry does not. Members must feel abandoned by state and by those who should fight for them!

Maybe the outdoor restaurant seats will open from March 22nd? Nonsense!

Many restaurants do not have outside seats and since we are not on the Canary Islands, the weather itself can ruin even that in a minute. The entire Restaurant and hotel industry has to be opened. There's a reason we have so many restaurants, bars, cafes and event venues. And that's not to keep them closed! For our protection, we not only have hygiene regulations but a health minister with experts who must ensure that it is completely and safetly and fast opened. To work, ladies and gentlemen.

We keep seeing headlines like the following, but what is being done for these companies?

Restaurants in crisis

Restaurateurs: open or give up

Some of the restaurants have been closed for almost a year. Therefore, restaurateurs are now calling for an open perspective. Otherwise, many companies would have to give up.

André Fesser March 2nd, 2021

Here is an example of heavy combat reactions - with a few comments:

Hotels and restaurants protest against lockdown

The industry has been in corona lockdown for four months and is waiting.

The protest action takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The hygiene and distance rules are guaranteed everywhere

01.03.2021, BR24 Hotels and restaurants protest against lockdown

Waiting? That’s all? That's great! Are these official times? We work around the clock in the catering industry - haven't had anything to do for 1 year and are now demonstrating for 4 hours? But the rules of distance are respected. Yes! Then nothing can go wrong! Does that still matter if everyone goes bankrupt?

With the “We lockdown” campaign, we pointed out the difficult situation in the catering industry. In a symbolic act, state association president Michael Buchna handed over a bunch of keys with 392 keys from Saarland companies to State Secretary Henrik Eitel (CDU). It's about guard rails that have to be created ”, said the DEHOGA country manager.

02/26/2021 BR24)

How about the action “We're opening up! Whether you like it or not!" Other countries like Poland have done this before. The date when we open really doesn't matter? Did someone ask the restaurateurs? Guard rails? That keep us all on our way like sheep ?

Or we put up green lights and then wait!

Since this Saturday evening (February 27th, 2021) many pubs, restaurants and bars have been glowing in green. Lanterns, spotlights, fluorescent tubes and fairy lights in the color of hope symbolize their demand to be allowed to reopen in good time before the Prime Minister's Conference on Wednesday (03.03.2021). The Hotel and Gastronomy Association Dehoga Hessen also supports the initiative's campaign. With videos and the logo of a green lightbulb and the words “We can. We want. When do we get the green light?

Frankfurter Neue Presse March 1, 2021

We should start to think critically - to refuse orders as the constitution allowed us earlier (before Corona).

It cannot go on like this with the hotel and catering industry. Nobody doubts that Corona exists, but cliticizing the measures must be allowed without being denounced, discriminated as it unfortunately happens every day today.

When the small businesses go down - and many are already or on the way there - only the big ones will survive and we will have to visit a boring mash of mediocre companies, none of which will pay any taxes in Germany. Salaries and hourly wages are already falling and in the end the little employee will only have the choice “eat or die”.

Autor: Stephan Busch, Akademischer Direktor an der Staatlichen Universität für Geisteswissenschaften Moskau RGGU, der Fakultät für Tourismus und Gastgewerbe und der Swiss International University, erwarb sein Master-Zertifikat in Hospitality Management an der Cornell University, USA. Er verfügt über vielfältige Erfahrungen in der Inbetriebnahme, Geschäftsentwicklung und Serviceschulung für Hotel- und Kreuzfahrtunternehmen in Asien, Europa, Kanada und Russland.,

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