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Cruise line Crew & Corona – the disaster continues

We are in the second half of May and still many crew members are on the ships all over the world and can’t go home. They are protesting – some are ven on hunger strike demanding to be send home.

Here an update thanks to Jim Walker from

“Today, crew members aboard the Majesty of the Seas protested Royal Caribbean’s latest failure to follow through with its  repatriation of its crew members. Several hundred crew members congregated on the pool deck making signs protesting Royal Caribbean’s refusal to follow through with plans to send the crew members home. The repatriation plans have reportedly changed at the last minute on five occasions, including three times dating back to last month.

The crew members chanted “send us home” and erected signs saying “Do You Sleep Well Mr. Bayley” (right) referring to the CEO of Royal Caribbean International Michael Bayley who was quoted earlier by the Miami Herald stating that flying crew members home via private charters was “too expensive.” Mr. Bayley collected around $25,000,000 in compensation in the last four years.

A second sign stated “How Many More Suicides Do You Need?” This sign was created in reference to the Death of a Polish engineer who apparently jumped overboard from the Jewel of the Seas and the recent death of a Chinese assistant waiter who died on the Mariner of the Seas earlier this week.

Every major newspaper has covered the story of 75,000 to 100,000 crew members still stuck at sea.”

By Jim Walker on May 15, 2020

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