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“Nothing we can do!“ – for hospitality

Facing half empty restaurants, fancy stupid ideas how to wrap everything in single use plastic and limitations by governments that don´t let hospitality be hospitable – thus survive! That´s reality right now. Especially small restaurant & hotels - the independent ones - face bankruptcy in the long term.

What to do?

The help packages, the billions getting spend now are for the big companies. They pass by the ones in need. The guest are scared and not willing to spend after a crisis that either cost them their jobs or at least saw their income shrinking and only uncertainty on the horizon.

We are not alone

Restaurants and hotels are in the same position like artist, musicians and millions of event employers. They don´t even know in most countries when they can perform, work and make money again.

Hospitality is entertainment and hospitality without entertainment - the special atmosphere can`t exist.

Now the German government has no problem paying 9 Billion Euros for Lufthansa (which by the way made over 9 Billion profit in the last 5 years) but no penny for hospitality and entertainment employees.

Why? Because we don`t have a lobby.

There are more than 2000 lobbyist with entry passes to the German parliament alone. Their only job is to influence politicians in the favor of their industries (Pharma, Car, Airlines). Every country looks the same. Carnival cruise lines managed to get 450 Million from the US tax payers money even though they never paid taxes in the US. But they pay every year around 30 Million to Senators ( who in turn vote in their interest. But no lobby for small independent hospitality. “Nothing we can do”.

It is urgent time to connect those business that have values, honor their employees, contribute to their communities and build long term sustainable companies. The politicians left us alone, the unions and institutions proofed to be useless. So why not use social media to connect with wisely chosen similar businesses and work out solutions and strategies, help each other and become a stronger voice? Why not include all event related companies and employees?

Let´s think about a way to do it. Not too long to think as we are in trouble now. I am in. Just need ideas or hints, advises. Anybody? It´s time to act!

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