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Airline catering - a dangerous business!

Before getting on a flight you need to eat first. Okay some people drink first but that – and the amount - depends a lot on the airline. You need to eat first because otherwise you might get hungry and then you might eat what the airline catering has prepared for you. And here it might get dangerous.

Catering for millions of passengers each day is a real dangerous business. For the passenger! The quality you get served tells you exactly how much an airline appreciates you as a paying customer. Of course you can fly Business Class or First Class which only brings advantages on long distance flights. Otherwise the attempts of service and little more space on short flights are not worth the money.

Celebrity Chefs give their names to Airlines to advertise their culinary heaven in the sky. Economy passengers with the dry machine made sandwich in hand find it hard to connect the disgusting piece of plastic wrapped something with Gordons Ramseys face ( only when he is choleric it fits at least the passengers feeling).

Why do they serve food at all?

It would be really better for airlines and also railways to admit that they don’t want to spend a penny on you and not to serve anything. They don’t do it right, the can’t get it done – so why torture your guest with disgusting food like items?

Fair enough is if they sell those food items. On planes and trains guest who pay for the utter disgrace of amateur culinary work attempts don’t deserve better. The Number 1 German Airline was very good for a while handing every passenger an alu wrapped something of a – maybe- sandwich that people with artificial teeth for sure couldn’t eat. Lucky them. The stomach was spared.

Trains are not better

The Orient Express is of course not what I mean. The normal train that offers a bistro is normally food that is more disgusting then the public toilet during peak holiday times. The food taste as bad as the packaging that you wouldn’t feel the difference if you eat it packed. In Germany at least they frequently forget (!?!) to put a bistro train in as they are short staffed with their underpaid part time labour. Good for the guest. Who needs a coffee that taste as bad as MacDonald’s paper cup creation?

So if I buy an overpriced airline ticket during peak times I only want to get from A to B. Please let me sleep. Don’t wake me up to ask me if my stomach needs anything artificial, bad looking and prepared with lack of joy but seemingly with the utter hate of the sandwich machines to humans.

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