• Stephan Busch

DON’T SMILE ! It makes service easier for you.

One of the first things they bother you with in any customer service training is how important it is to smile. There are multiple reasons not to believe this.

Hired wrong?

First of all the HR department should have hired for great service attitude and personality if they want smiles. They didn’t! They hired according to CV (always perfectly prepared - full of half truth) and according to budget which allocates such a small payroll that even the most willing smile disappears.

Believe me - you will leave me.

So you hired without the right attitude and now you want us to smile? You know how hard that is? And how stupid that looks when I force myself to smile? Did you ever ask yourself why Disney World covers their staff with Mickeys Mask? The best in service when I don’t smile is that guest don’t bother me that much, think twice before approaching me and at best turn around at the entrance and go somewhere else. Makes my job easier. See? HR hired my kind of attitude. But it fits the payroll. Repeat customers? Believe me if I don’t make them leave the first time – the second chance is more than I need to fix them. Once they are out – I smile sometimes.

The same applies for the supermarket or any other shop. Why should the cashier smile? You came for eggs – you got eggs! Shall we smile about this now? Why? Think of my payroll and that this is my second lousy paid job in the evening while you have time to shop for stupid eggs and on top of it want a smile? Take a hike! Get a funny dog! Hire a clown! Leave me alone!

No - is also an answer

Owners and companies need cheap labour and have a lot of expectations. They want you to smile on top of it without paying attention to you, take care of their staff and without money. The loud soviet and post soviet shop shout “NJET” (NO) when I reached for the door handle to enter a shop was more honest. I was told that customers where not welcome as everybody got treated bad and paid bad. Message delivered customer clear – staff saved. Nobody dared to ask for a smile. Think this is funny? Service? Why? You didn’t even come in!

Big companies make us come back to exactly this kind of attitude. Doesn’t matter what lip service is paid in their advertising or Mission statements. Call us “staff”, “crew”, “associates”, “family” or “dumbo” or “mambo”. It doesn’t make us more happy to work with purpose but under minimum pay! Care about your staff –take responsibility and one day we will smile again instead of laughing at bad jokes about you behind your back.

© 2017 by Stephan Busch