• Stephan Busch

4 good Reasons for COFFEE TO GO!

Offered everywhere Starbucks and MacDonald’s have trained us that we should take our coffee and go! Go away! Of course only after paying and with the garbage packaging in hand. Garbage we can dispose anywhere. Best to throw it right into a river as it ends up in the sea anyway.

Employment is a reason for coffee to go.

Not for the waiter – we got rid of the cheap student long time ago. Cost a few bucks per hour only but over a whole month that sums up too. We have baristas who fill our throw away cups. Sounds sexy and we pay them as little as the waiter before. But we only need a few. Employment is created on the coffee plantations where people work happily so you can get coffee. Employment is also created in form of franchise. You get your own Starbucks or whatever – pay tons of money on fees and contracted supplier and decoration that you can not choose ( no headache for you!). As the CEO of a famous Restaurant chain once said “ we get mum and pap to take a loan that they can not afford, work like horses for minimum wage or less”.

Plastic and one way containers are a good reason for coffee to go

To produce this garbage many people need to be employed and the following companies benefit from your wise decision not to use a porcelain cup. They produce plastic and when you see how much they make on profit you feel better to be a part of it.

Top Plastics Manufacturers

· Dow Chemical. Global sales: $49 billion, Lyondell Basell. Global sales: $33 billion, Exxon Mobil. Global sales: $290 billion, SABIC. Global sales: $35.4 billion, INEOS. Global sales: $60 billion, BASF. Global sales: $63.7 billion. ... just to name a few.

Of course we could ban plastic tomorrow but do you want to run around like a dinosaur with a porcelain cup in hand?

Get rid of traditional coffee houses is a good reason for coffee to go

This Sacher in Vienna or Central Café in Budapest occupy prime property in city centers where fair enough an insurance or a bank should reside. So much space wasted for a few people sipping on coffee? They need waiters, make table cloth dirty, waste energy as they require light for their reading and water to flush the toilet. And than they enjoy and sit longer. They all could hurry to work with our wonderful Latte creation with plastic straw in hand. Zack zack – move it!

Feeling good is a reason for coffee to go

Don’t you feel good overtaking on the Highway with ease and balancing your cappuccino at the same time? Comparing brand logos of your colleagues on one way coffee cups finding out that you bought the most expensive, the hip one, the new stuff on the block? Supporting innovation as the guys who clean up the oceans have to come up with new ideas all the time?

So do your part! Serve yourself instead of the waiter. Don't hang around too long in wonderful buildings where poets and writers already wasted enough time. Hurry to work, spill your coffee on co workers, other people on the bus and yourself. There seems to be no reason for a coffee to stay. Got it?

© 2017 by Stephan Busch