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A 1000 year old retreat. SUZDAL –an impressive town to relax & enjoy near Moscow

Positive town

Getting out of Moscow as often as possible is urgently needed for people working there. But where to go? One great place is Suzdal east of Moscow. A very old Golden Ring city that attracts visitor the whole year. Winter is better as you have less tourist but it is still busy. 1000 years of history that were not destroyed in wars and beautiful buildings with the oldest one being build in 1024 makes it a perfect place just to explore. Enough coffee shops are around for a break.

Enough to eat and drink

The number of restaurants and hotels are constantly increasing. We stayed at Pushkarskaya Sloboda Hotel. Nicely done. A big property with chalets and standard and deluxe rooms in many different buildings . Conference halls make it a great place for conferences too. Four different restaurants on property with a lot of terrace space for the summer. Banquet facilities cater to all needs.

The deluxe rooms are in one of the old Merchant Houses which are beautiful restored. Even in Winter you better book early as they are normally fully booked 2 month in advance.

An impressive hotel

The main building has very nice and spacious standard rooms. Otherwise the Main building is the only building were the architects seems to have had a black out. The lobby , reception and lobby bar are mildly put “soviet elegance”. Depressing furniture’s greet you together with a sberbank machine. This continuous into the breakfast room which has a nice view towards the city. It is recommended to look out of the window. Inside it looks like someone forgot that a breakfast room is needed and put some tables together to fulfill this need.

All other buildings are great and showcase the different styles over the centuries. The quality of food and hotel inside and outside space is very good and besides the main building it’s a beautiful property.

Service is as usual

The staff is nice and friendly but Service is a problem as everywhere nowadays. It is hard to understand that owners invest millions like in this property and don’t invest a penny in service. I can only assume they don’t know what it is. A lot of small details that could be easily fixed if noticed and would save a lot of money too. Hopefully they send the young generation out into the world to learn about service where it still exists, return and change for the better.

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