• Stephan Busch

You need Plan B because your heart was never in Plan A!

Your Plan B is only a destructive illusion of safety and security!

You gave up before you started

A daring or ambitious Plan and personal goals introduced to friends or colleagues or just bounced of with someone who’s opinion you wish to hear often raises sceptical eyes. Seeing this you are prepared with the fatal killing sentence: “But I have Plan B!”

When Warren Buffet advises you not to put all eggs in one basket it doesn’t mean to have Plan B - but a bigger A. It also depends how many eggs you have. With just one it’s a bad advise.

What you believe might be a smart answer actually indicates that you are not daring at all but instead of putting all your heart in your Plan spend already a good portion of energy in preparing Plan B. Just introduced you already admit your willingness to abandon the plan. The one’s that you bounce your great idea of are reacting the same way you would react – be honest - when somebody tells you a story like this. “Okay – thought he is really bold to go ahead with that but he has Plan B as he also doesn’t seem to trust his gorgeous plan. Can’t be that gorgeous!”

Plan A has no limits – no borders!

Be ready to extend, changes, alternate Plan A – but never give up on it!

You might have to change the route to reach the goals of Plan A but never change the goal once you believe in it. If you drive your car and suddenly the navigator tells you to turn right but there is no road at all you will not decide to go to destination B because of this missing road. You will change and adjust the course still moving to A.

Back up plans are alternatives to reach the same goal. Nothing else. If in the army your task is to storm a hill you might have to think of different ways to reach that goal but you will never say: “ Okay – if it doesn’t work we storm the local village left of it!”

Who should trust you?

Convincing people of your ideas, taking them along as business partners or partners for life requires trust. Trust given, trust received. Who can trust you, who will want to follow you once you admit that you are already prepared to jump of? Plan B becomes the admission of expecting failures. In hotels and restaurants your staff might suggest ideas for improvement or change that you would never believe in being successful. But without a better idea why not follow their extension of the Plan? I was often surprised how many great successes came by changes introduced by staff that I had my doubts about. Give trust and be ready to stay on course. It’s just an alternate route of Plan A.

Follow your guts

Especially in Restaurant and Bar business new successful concepts won’t exist without those who dare to put their ideas into reality and believe in their extension of Plan A.

Intuition is leading to satisfaction. It might mean to make less profit, it might mean to let a promotion pass by. It might mean tremendous success. It will leave you inside Plan A which is your life and at the end it is your fullfillment

Going ahead while others doubt you!

A successful Restaurateur of multiple different themed restaurants and bars once had an investor approaching him who had a clear idea what theme he had in mind to open a new restaurant. The experienced restaurateur didn’t believe in it at all and didn’t like the Plan but went ahead anyway as the investors couldn’t be convinced of changing and had his clear idea and put the money up. Today the restaurateur admits that it is the most successful and profitable of all his outlets. He still doesn’t like the concept – but he can live with that!

Once you move to Plan B you will need Plan C

Once you give up on Plan A and move to B you will face the dilemma that Plan B has become now Plan A, That was the plan but given your way of looking for safety and security and back up you will have to come up with a new Plan B? That means you will have to concentrate and split your energy again.


There is no security or safety or guarantee that Plan A will work. There never is and never was one! No job security, the pensions are not guaranteed and once you reach one of your goals of Plan A multiple others will have pop up on the way. You can buy as many Life insurances as you wish – it doesn’t guarantee that you will live longer than others without one! It even doesn’t give you the financial security you were looking for. It gave you an illusion.

Plan A shouldn’t have fixed goals - countable goals. Not in numbers and not in titles or positions to be reached. You can’t put numbers to satisfaction, to living the values you believe in and to happiness. Leave that to the others – those who even have Plan B and C to disappoint themselves and others.

© 2017 by Stephan Busch