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  • Stephan Busch

Duo Asia - St. Petersburg - Superb Restaurant

Rubinstein St 6, 20, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, 191002

A little hidden on the second floor it is a very busy place and they deserve the crowds of people trying to get a seat. And they are good at it. Friendly, fast and nice service that give you the impression that they really want you to sit down and enjoy.

The service at the table is also very friendly and fast. We were ask to change tables after a while ( we came without reservation ) so they could accommodate a bigger group but in a friendly environment like this you don’t mind.

Food is prepared in the middle open kitchen. Fast, efficient workers prepare the meals and even though they have to move very fast it looks always clean.

The food itself is not original Asia but more playful variants which are very well done, tasty and very well presented. Great food and another reason to return.Small portions allow you to order and taste a big variety.

Another superb restaurant for St. Petersburg.

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