• Stephan Busch

Robot hotel in Japan fires half of their robots. They were just not up for the job

According to the Wallstreet Journal on Monday the Henn na hotel in Japan saw itself forced to fire a big part of their robotic workforce. The HR seems to be still human. Hard to say what would have happened if that position would be held by a robot too.

More than half of the hotel's 243 droids have reportedly been fired as they were creating more work than they were achieving.

As one human staff member mentions: "It's easier now that we’re not being frequently called by guests to help with problems with the robots,"

A guest who was snoring at night was woken up several times during the night with the question: “Excuse me I don’t understand . Can you repeat the question?” as the robot thought he was asking questions.

The robot luggage bellboys were also fired as they could only reach 24 rooms out of more then hundred.

The human staff at the hotel complaint because they had to put in a lot of overtime to deal with the problems the robots caused.

And here are the big advantages of robots as hotel employees

  • they didn’t need 3 warnings

  • none of them went to the labour court

  • they won’t apply for social help or un employment benefits

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