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I had my doubts but a hotel without staff is a good option in the right place.

The human to human relation – the inter action is what a hotels are about – for me. So I had my doubts staying in a staff less hotel. Done right it’s actually not a bad idea.

I had an overnight stay in the city of Jyvaerskylae ( Finland) in the hotel. Which is a hotel you book online ( nothing new there nowadays) but runs without any staff at all.

I would have never booked

I would have never booked it myself as I know my ability to forget passwords or entry codes so it was good that friends of mine did it.

Know the code

You enter by code send to you by e mail and your code will open the main gate , the entrance door and at the end your room. Here my friends had problems already as they hadn’t received the last mail with the code. I would have been lost and start looking for hotels where real people work but lucky enough they figured it out fast so we could enter. After that it all was simple and easy. The rooms are simple too but spacious and each of them has the extra child bed to be set up should it be needed. A microwave is in each room as well as a big enough table to seat four people.

Nicely done

Shower and toilet unit are nice and clean and have everything you need. No extra ordinary amenities but you don’t expect them here. They are the one set up showers which we know from cruise ships or from the old days of communism where all bathrooms were made out of plastic in one form. But this once are nice and made with modern equipment. I remember being in the Neptun Hotel in Rostock right after the Berlin wall came down and they had the same one piece plastic form bathroom – but the poor communist version. While entering there the bathroom was already unstable after many years of usage and when you walked into the back where the shower was located the whole bathroom whipped to that side. When you walked back to the front the whole bathroom whipped to that side with you. That was funny until I took a shower in the back and walked in front while the bathroom whipped with me. The whole wave of water from the shower started rushing towards me and entered the room itself which explained why the room was a little damp.

The price is right

Here in Jyvaerskylae in the hotel at a price of 50 Euro per night it is much better and a fair deal compared to hotel prices in the city which range between 50 Euros and 400 Euros As this is a city with a lot of Universities it fits a generation that is used to the net, has a limited budget and just wants trustworthy clean place to stay. There were also a lot of families with children which makes sense and the owner was smart to keep that in mind when designing the rooms.

The owner itself just needs some cleaning and maintenance staff and saves on all the rest. There is a telephone number displayed all over the hotel so you can reach someone in case of a problem. I didn’t try. No Restaurant, Bars, kitchen which cost a fortune and no relating licenses fees and taxes either. No front desk staff and no bell boy needed. Restaurant and Bars are located around the hotel in walking distance so you don’t miss out on anything.


Security might be one factor that may influence the popularity of such a hotel in other cities of the world. There are already many others like the Fiftyone in Davos, Switzerland and the Muse Haus townhouse in Chiswick to name just two. Here in Finland security is no problem but I wouldn’t feel safe in many German cities today in hotels similar to this. Codes are one protection but they are easy to bypass. Here in Finland I can only recommend it.

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