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The “Pipe House” Koblenz – a place where you will appreciate the art of distillers, champagne makers

Adresse: Entenpfuhl 30, 56068 Koblenz

Telefon: 0261 15855

When you stroll through the old part of Koblenz you most properly will at one point pass by the well decorated windows of the “Pipe House”. It is not only a shop even though the display invites you to go in and buy something right away. It is also a venue for events and Master classes of the same great quality as the tools and decoration items they are selling. It’s exist for more than eighty years and will for sure last for ever.

A way to enrich life – don’t listen to the ones who know everything better because they life their lives as it is “supposed to be” – who ever came up with that nonsense?

When you see the wonderful arranged display of elegant pipes, cigars, assessoirs, Champagne, Whisky, local brandies and so much more you are tempted to enjoy. Why not? A good pipe, a great tobacco, a great cigar combined with a wonderful Kirschwasser, Cognac or Whisky and you see yourself immediately sitting in a comfortable chair on a porch overlooking a lake in a relaxed conversation with someone you like to be with. Okay – that happens to me but go into the Pipe House yourself. I wouldn’t be surprised when it happens to you too.

Educate yourself to enjoy

The Pipe House also gives classes where famous cigar rollers show their art, has frequently classes for pipe smokers including beginner sets and much more. Check their web page for events.

Did I just make advertising for smoking? I advertise to enjoy life, decide by yourself and don’t listen to the mainstream. Helmut Schmidt und Winston Churchill managed quiet well!

Visit the Pipe House – it’s worth a visit! I do ! …. and by the way I also smoke wonderful pipes with Larssen tobacco. The pipe house has the whole variety of Larssen ! ( just a tip).

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