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Rotterdam – Market hall - Great Food stalls!

Adresse: Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, 3011 GZ Rotterdam, Niederlande

Telefon: +31 30 234 6486

The Market Hall is not a restaurant but more a mix of restaurants, footstalls and retail which is nicely arranged. Alone the architecture of the place is worth a visit. Food is very good and caters to every taste. Cheese bars, Fish and ships that extents into lobster and fresh oysters, Indonesian food, Chinese, Wine bars, shops and much more can be found here. Good quality and a great place just to sit and observe the people, the business and the designs.

Jamie Olivier has a restaurant here but I would recommend to go for any of the other choices. It is worth a visit. Prices are lower then in restaurants but you normally spend more as it is just too tempting. Just do it!

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