• Stephan Busch

Grasshoppers – Amsterdam - try it!

Adresse: 16, Oudebrugsteeg, 1012 JP Amsterdam, Niederlande

Telefon: +31 20 423 2424


In the centre of Amsterdam you find a tremendous choice of restaurants and bars that cater to every taste. The Grasshopper stands out with its location and specially at night you can’t miss the green light that illuminates the building. The place is always crowded and – according to some reviews – this surprisingly disturbs some people who claim to look for a peaceful restaurant. Those are of course the same people who would never enter an empty restaurant. Full is a good sign of a successful place so don’t listen to the nagging ones. I

t is a busy place but food and drinks are very good. They offer snacks and full meal up to lobster and fresh oysters, cocktails , wines and everything else you might look for. Shrimps and scallops that we tried were fresh and tasty, the dressings were great and the salad fresh. You don’t mind to pay the fair price that they charge. The service staff is very friendly and even the new staff is well briefed and very polite.

Making mistakes is normal but when they made a few small ones which is understandable in a crowded restaurant like this they always fixed them fast , friendly and polite. So if you pass by don’t shy away from the busy place it is worthwhile to find a table and observe the busy street live in Amsterdam.


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