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Deutsche Bahn - the finest service - but only if the train doesn’t arrive!

Where the trains arrive on time?

Germany "where the trains arrive on time". Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. In Münster, he at least always passes on time but forgets to stop. This is largely due to specialists such as the former railway chief Hartmut Mehdorn and the entire management before and after him. But Mehdorn deserves to be mentioned separately because he managed to ruin Air Berlin, then he has done great damage to the railway and then got a job with the Berlin airport at which even he could not do much wrong. Something he has surely screwed up there too but as messed up as the airport is nobody has noticed. He, like Mr. Grube, got many millions for your inability.

Two who suffer

Among the management-led chaos of the railroad, two groups are particularly suffering. First of all the passengers who only have the desire to come from A to B and have to be grateful when the train departs at all. Often the train breaks down halfway. They might not reach B but are happy to leave somewhere in C to find a taxi. The other group are the employees of the railway who have to cope with the mismanagement and face the first angry group of travellers. Of course nobody from the management can be found when something goes wrong. The other responsible people are the politicians. Luckily politicians and management do not have to take any responsibility otherwise our courts would really be too busy.

Germany is a nation of car drivers and it will stay that way because the train does not offer itself as an alternative.

The management of the railway does not care about customer service at all, otherwise they would lay the foundation for it by organizing the railway so that the company runs smoothly. However, if you look at the management you understand that they really have no idea what they are doing and therefore can not change anything. Unfortunately, do not have the decency to at least reject the millions they get paid.

Service is available

The staff of the railway, however, who have to live with this mess really go out of their way to help guests to get out of this mess. Despite the stress, most of them keep their cool and are polite friendly and often have a sense of humor that helps them survive the whole thing. That's service! This is service from the front line staff of which the gentlemen in the executive suite benefit without knowing why. But you have to be really grateful to the staff on the platform, in the train and at the counter. Complaints Management is not easy as we know in hotel buisness and so it is there is admirable that even if passengers get rude the staff of the railway will behave professionally and keep their cool. The Bordbistro – restaurant is worse then a budget airline and lucky enough is missing very often at all. For the service, the friendliness and the effort of the train employees, you should divide the many millions that the management shares among all those who stand at the counter, in the locomotive, on the train, on the track and those who maintain the railway. Without management, the train would probably be more effective, certainly cheaper and we would probably even arrive on time?

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