• Stephan Busch

The Duke of Antwerp - a place to visit

Adresse: De Keyserlei 29, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgien

Telefon: +32 3 201 59 80

Near Amsterdam Centraal station the Duke of Antwerp is one of this cosy, classic old restaurant pubs that catch you with their atmosphere when you are entering. Typical classic European these are the places we should be happy that they still exist Some reviews complain about being a tourist trap, too pricy and that they also cater to Tourist groups in summer. If I understand right then the whole atmosphere and the excellent food that I had there does not help you when the restaurant is bankrupt.

The Duke of Antwerp is in the Main streets of course frequented by tourist and the rental prices in that area are high as in any big attractive city. There are tourist groups but they not disturb you as the restaurant has a great lay out and design that splits the rooms in small areas and over different levels. Pre booked tourist groups are a great income and here they do not disturb any other guests. Service was friendly and attentive and the food very well done. It is not cheap but good quality can’t be cheap but it is for sure very good value for money. Food is European with some classic local dishes, nice presentation and flavours. If I want to complain about something I would find it for sure but as this was a good experience that I can only recommend I leave the complains for those who live on the negative side of this planet.


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