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Let me tell you where to put your Burgers! Including the faked Kobe burgers.

No offence?

No offence. Lets not talk only about the majority of burgers and junk food produced by chemical manufactures like MacDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and all the other places that advertise and sell food that we shouldn’t eat and offer to our children. Also hotels and restaurant can’t live without putting a burger on the menu. Why? Because guest want the burger? Why not educate the guest by not offering the burger and instead something tasty healthy and local?

Genetically modified ingredients, such as the corn with which cattle are fed, provide fast food restaurants with food that looks thicker, richer, and more colorful, but in reality is full of toxins, antibiotics, and carcinogens.

Eric Schlosser “Fast Food Nation”

Sometimes you can choose between a chemical burger or a faked Kobe Burger.

As everybody seems to have been so much influenced by Ronald MacDonald that they need more Burgers many restaurants and also some famous Chefs introduce burgers on their menu. Kobe or Wagyu burgers pop up wherever somebody wants to spend money on this. And it seems everybody wants! In Europe and the US its in general just overpriced faked kobe beef.

The single most important element of my original piece was the fact (as in fact, not opinion) that no beef from Japan, not one ounce in any form, was allowed to be imported into this country by the USDA, starting back in 2009. To that end, every single restaurant in the USA that claimed Kobe beef on its menu, and there were hundreds, was lying (along with retailers). Many were charging very top dollar, three figures for steaks or $50 for a burger, and implicated in this scam were numerous celebrity chefs

The New Truth About Kobe Beef: Scarce Amounts Now Available In The U.S., But Not In Europe by Larry Olmsted

According to the Kobe Beef Council in Japan, there is still no Kobe beef at all exported to Europe, where many restaurants engage in the same kind of false advertising that has long been pervasive in this country. “No Japanese cattle is exported to Europe, yet you see Kobe or Japanese beef on many menus - it’s not real. If you see Kobe beef on a menu in London, you know it is fake,” said Hirokatsu Hirai, Senior Director of Japan’s S Foods, the largest exporter of Kobe beef.

How to eat?

Why is he looking? I better pretend I haven’t seen anything!

Second problem is the lack of table manners. Still some children learn how to use cutlery. How do you teach someone to eat right when all they are used to is a mix of ketchup and mustard runnig over their hands? And that with the mouth wide open like a moaning cow to loose as little as possible from the tasteless bun. Still a pickel or an onion get attached to your T Shirt leaving stains that identify you as a Burger King or MacDonalds customer ( you can tell by the different colored sauce). Table manners and basic knowledge on how to use cutlery might help at a romantic dinner or a business lunch in the future.

Other problem with burgers is their wrapping which results in huge amounts of old fat, plastic and other garbbage produced by fast food chains.

While explaining the minutia about how the fast food industry is turning into a manufacturing industry, instead of staying a service industry, Schlosser gives a new meaning to fast food restaurants. He believes that manufacturing fast food is changing the American culture for the worse, by creating a society that wants everything now and wants it fast. Moreover, he expresses his concern for the behavior of an industry that does not realize the collateral damage it creates, for the whole purpose of profit

Eric Schlosser “Fast Food Nation”

Why destroy a good product?

In China one of the bar trends was - and still is in many bars - to mix Chivas Regal and Green tea. The poor distiller who worked hard to produce a good whisky doesn’t want to see what they do to his product. The same applies to the farmer who raises a perfect Kobe to see it end up in Burger.

Why minced beef at all? In every culture meat get minced. Mostly for the simple reason that this part of meat is hard to consume when not minced. You avoid waste and still cook something tasty that otherwise might have ended up tough and not enjoyable. You spice it right and it can be a delicious meal.

Nowadays MacDonalds and their Brothers in crime managed to manufacture ( not cook) a meal that consist mainly of chemicals, animal products that you wouldn’t give your dog and is often unfit for human consumption. It’s a great sell as they send a clown or other funny creatures on the streets to hunt children. Ma and Pa are happy not to spend too much and also eat a “Happy Meal”. The only one who can be happy is MacDonalds with an annual revenue of 5 Billion.

Wrong food kills more people then wars

According to the Historical Atlas of the 20th Century, 203 million people died last century from war.

The World Health Organization estimates that at least 2.8 million people currently die annually from conditions strongly linked to overweight and obesity, such as coronary heart disease, ischemia (brain stroke), and diabetes.

So if we use minced beef then lets come back to the classical style like Tartar.

A Beef tartar is something totally different. Here you use quality meat, get flavors and aromas and a great taste. Just please – don’t throw it on the grill! Don’t cover it with a tasteless bun that has nothing to do with bread. And don’t order it from a red haired guy in a clown costume!

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