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How safe is that? Hotel Room Key cards hacked. And it takes only 1 Minute !

Advanced technology makes the guest life easier, the working processes in the hotel more efficient and now it is also possible for thieves to enter hotel rooms faster without leaving a trace.

According to reports from “Spiegel 26.04.2018” and “SZ” and “Wired” finish experts managed to find a way to get access to Millions of hotel rooms worldwide by hacking into the “Vision” system from Vingcard.

Worldwide it effects Millions of hotel rooms. 30.000 rooms alone in Germany . All that is needed is an old used card , a device that cost around 300$ and within only 1 Minute you can produce a copy card and also a General Key for the hotel. This not only allows entry to guest rooms but also to all storage and office facilities of the hotel.

The other advantage – for thieves – is that the keys do not leave a trace in the lock itself or in the Computer system of the hotel.

Assa Abloy the company behind Vingcard knows about this for a year and has produced an update software. Problem is that this has to be installed in every single lock which means the door is still wide open for a while.

Up to now nothing happened but we are all still advancing!

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