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Why should I provide service for your guests ?

Just because you hired me as a waiter?

When you read my CV you must have seen that I was not really qualified but anyhow - I was cheap – and you felt that I needed the money. If you would have wanted someone serious - would you have not been tempted to check my references? Like most hotels and restaurants you didn’t want to know.

Because my CV looked good?

Like with most CV’s you would have found out that some of the places on my CV have never seen me. I will work for you 8 month until the next place opens next door. Just like you they will be desperate for “experience staff” and I will use your mediocre experience to present myself as more experienced, get a little more money and maybe a promotion. Just added your name to my papers – nobody will call you anyway for a reference. So you expect me to be qualified to provide excellent service?

Because you pay me?

You pay me so little that I can hardly live on it. The food you provide for me is expensive and get deducted from that lousy pay even though it is left overs only. I have to pay my transport to work , pay for parking if I can afford a car and pay for fuel. Shoes ,trousers and shirts I have to buy myself even tough they are for work only and have to get replaced often. The vest and tie that you provide I have to pay once they get damaged or lost for a tremendous price that does not reflect their quality and value.

I take sometimes food or equipment from you and I know everybody does but none of us feels bad as in general everybody believes its just fair. You deduct money when the order for the kitchen was wrong? You charge us when we break plates or glasses? So why should I provide service for you ?

Because you charge the guest and the staff?

Because you are a five star property ? Well you charge your guest five star prices but you do not invest any money in training your staff or management. Staff turnover is so high that even the most loyal guest does not get recognized. They still come and you could hear them talking:

“There is no place were to get good service anymore. But its still better than in…...”.

That’s how you get away with it. And as service is declining more not many people know anymore what real good service is. Expectations get lower and lower and you get away with more. So how should I provide excellent service for you ?

Because Joe is such a great Restaurant Manager?

Well Joe gets paid a little more than we do but he came up the same way I am working on. He has this general terms in his head and repeats phrases like ” we have to exceed guest expectations”. He just doesn’t know how to even meet those expectations and that’s why he can’t train us. Another good one is: “ Its not just the money you are working for it’s the experience”. What ? The experience I just described above?

“You should be proud to work here. For such a famous name”. Yes? Proud of what ? And why its famous? PR people might understand – your staff doesn’t.

We are all family

“We are all family” ,that’s another great one. Normally used by companies with more than 5000 employees. Quiet a family! And what a family ! Bad food on the table, no money , no trust , no security, everybody is stealing and the family members are changing constantly. Sounds more like a Mafia family but there at least the money is better.

Complaints? Better not!

Another good one from our Management “Complaints are a great chance to communicate and turn guest around” Yes – if you know how or if you have someone to show you. The only thing that turns around when a complaint comes is Joe who hides in the office – no help there. Frustrated guest , frustrated staff. Management comes later and explains how you could have dealt better with the situation and sometimes they will charge you as a staff member for damage done. Lesson learnt? Yes! Get Joes position! Than you can hide in the office. .So; Why should I provide excellent service for you ?

Because there is a great future to be expected?

Like Joe’s future ? I don’t know. Anyhow I have to eat today - my stomach cant wait for the future and my landlord only waits until the end of the month to be paid. That’s enough future for him. My future with you will be as short as possible.

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