• Stephan Busch

Your waiter is waiting! Ever wondered why you have to wait in a restaurant?

Ever waited too long for the waiter? I am sure that happened. Please keep in mind is that your waiter is waiting much longer and more often than you do.

You don’t care? Right! This you have in common with many other guests. The Restaurant manager is meanwhile wondering why the waiter is waiting.

Many years ago the waiter was waiting until the guest sat down so he could hand him the menu. Now he has to wait until the guest has finished texting before he has a hand free to take the menu or to notice the waiting waiter at all.

The guest ask the waiter to wait a moment until he is sure that he is connected to the free Wi-Fi.

The cook is shouting at the waiter because he is waiting for the order!

Waiting for the guest to put the phone down to check the menu the waiter decides to wait at the bar to get the drinks for the other table. Finally successful he serves the drinks but is ask by the guest – wait a moment! Take a picture of us!

Back with the guest who finally choses something he waits to receives the order. He goes to wait at the cash register. The owner had only money for one terminal so everybody has to wait a little. The cook has to wait too!

All that done he moves to the kitchen. Now at least he is waiting at the kitchen to get his dishes. That’s okay. Everybody has to wait at the kitchen. No need to shout! The Chef is a celebrity! Every guest has to wait to get a table here. Than the waiter has to wait until Maestro has created his piece of Art. Finally serving the guest ask why he has to wait so long.

Clearing other tables the waiter goes to the dish washing area. The restaurant manager is wondering. Is the waiter waiting at the dish wash because he can’t find a place to drop of the dishes? Now he is waiting to get some clean cutlery! No wonder the messy corner is so disorganized by the lazy bump we hired for almost nothing that everybody has to wait.

Most waiters are part timers and can’t carry more then two plates at a time. That’s okay. Everybody has to wait a little longer. Still cheaper then hiring Pros.

The guest waits for the bill which takes a little longer because of this one cash register only. Finally he gets it. The waiter is waiting for some tips. But no! The guest decided that he waited too long – no tips!

The restaurant manager decides to wait a few more days to decide if he should fire this lazy waiter that is only waiting all the time. You don’t get good staff anymore! All they do is waiting to receive their salary. As this company pays particular late they have to wait a little longer. Never mind – when it comes to waiting - they are Pros .


© 2017 by Stephan Busch