• Stephan Busch

It's all about service

Service – the opportunity to stage performances

Design, exquisite materials, technical innovations are all part of hotels and restaurants we do not want to miss. And we should always stay up to date when it comes to design and technology. But Hotels & Restaurants without service, without human values are empty shells. That’s why I believe that it is important to offer again excellent service on a wide scale. Not just good, not mediocre service – excellent service is what is needed again.

In a recent article that I read the question was asked:

“What is it that is really delivered when we talk about good customer service?

Is it a scripted standardized form of dealing with customers and guests


is it part of the intangible characteristics that shape the relationship between staff and customers? “

Unfortunately the growth of the industry has led to a “brand commoditization” that has almost systematically removed the opportunity for staging performances, creating experiences and offer excellent service.

To offer excellent service again doesn’t take much. Just a bit of change. This change can not come only from the bottom. It also has to come from the top – the management and owners.

At the end great service can exist even without design, exquisite materials and technical innovations. It can not exist without respect, tolerance, pride, dignity and honesty.

The advantages of excellent service are multiple for guests, owners, management and staff. It is desired by all of them but even the desire is declining as less and less guests know what excellent service is – they simply do not have the chance to experience it anymore or only very seldom. Most guests are already happy to receive any kind of service at all.

The problem is made worse by the fact that our Owners, Management and all the way down to the line staff very few are left who know what excellent service is, how it can be offered and taught and what benefits go along with great service.

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