5 April 2021


"Education for Tourism & Hospitality during crisis"

State University Moscow RGGU

Prof. Dr. Maria Gordeeva - RGGU
Cornelia Brinkman - GM Marriott
Stephan Busch - Swiss International University
Ralf Wenk - Lueftner Cruises - Amadeus

 Covid 19?


Is your hotel prepared?

The cruise ship organized?

Is your staff ready?

Your guest can feel safe?

Your reputation protected?


Covid19 - implementation is a must a right now


2020 we implemented - organized and successfully operated - without any cases -Cruise ships in Europe!


We have the experience - the know how - and we made Guest & Crew & Owners feel safe!


Contact us for assistance for hotels, restaurants or cruise ships. 


We know - and - we can! 



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Humboldt Foundation Sponsorship


2020 - the year when we placed the first student from Russia into the Humboldt Foundation sponsorship in Germany. 


- full salary


- all cost visa travel covered


- one year internship


- two years additional work    permit


- paid language courses


- access to Humboldt network


This is an annual Sponsorship! Looking forward for the 2021 students to apply with us!


Training Coaching Speaking

For hospitality and cruise companies we offer:


Training programs

Individually and tailor made for your company

Group trainings, workshops and one on one



Only one on one - that is quality



Our up to date lectures cover a wide range of hospitality and catering topics as well as management and leadership topics for companies, universities and schools


Contact us for a free evaluation or to find out how we can help

Für Hotellerie und Kreuzfahrtunternehmen bieten wir an:



Individuell und dem Unternehmen angepasst

Gruppentraining, Workshops und eins zu eins



Nur eins zu eins - das ist Qualität



Unsere up to date Vorträge decken ein breites Spektrum von Hotellerie und Gastronomiethemen ab sowie fuer Management und Fuehrungsthemen für Unternehmen, Universitäten und Schulen


Kontaktieren Sie uns für eine kostenlose Bewertung oder um herauszufinden wie wir Ihnen helfen können